Saturday, January 19, 2008

Are you steampunk?

Do you know what this is? I am going to file this in the 'gee, I am getting to be an old lady' file. Ok, bear with me. There is this thing called Steampunk which is sort of science fiction/fantasy, sort of cosplay, sort of a fashion/craft movement. Basically, it's all about steam age/Victorian technology spun with a bit of Sci-Fi and a bit of punk rock. It's all about do-it-yourself and I love it. See that necklace? Very steamy. The earrings by Jane? also steamy. Who knew?

It seems that is a big hit with the steampunks out there. We have pocket watch lockets, old keys and other do-dads that make the steam age swirl. We can't help it, we are all obsessed with such do-dads. Maybe that word 'do-dad' is even steamy? The watch parts, little compasses and tiny doll hands sure are.

And my selection of ankle length 'interesting' skirts and button up boots and love of fitted tops? Also steamy. I feel like I just found my tribe or something.

Ok, feed your own obsession:
Steampunk Labs - build stuff like a Victorian era looking keyboard for your flat panel.

The wikipedia listing (of course!)

And Steamy Fashion

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  1. Elaine Ray just sent me this link, because I was talking to her about Steampunk just today! I have bcome obsessed with it lately and just ordered a bunch of your do-dads to feed my obsession today. I can't wait to get them and play!


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