Friday, January 16, 2009

How to Create A Memory Frame Pendant Necklace

I love these sweet little Memory Frames. They are so easy to use and work great as pendants. The package encourages you to make a bracelet out of them, but I like the idea of highlighting an image I love. Oh, and did I say they are two sided? So you can actually highlight TWO images! Perfect for a mom with two children, or any woman with two boyfriends!*

To make this necklace I used a 1x1 inch Memory Frame in Antique Copper and two stamps from a Stamp Assortment. The ribbon and leather mixed together on the necklace makes the colors of the stamps pop out and the bead dangle ads a tiny bit of sparkle.

1 Antique Copper Memory Frame, 1x1 inch
2 pieces of Memory Frame Glass, 1x1 inch
1 Antique Copper Spring Ring Clasp, 9 mm
1 Antique Copper Square Jump Ring, 1/2 inch
1 Antique Copper Head Pin, 1 inch
1 Indicolite Rhinestone ball
2 Antique Copper Fold Over Crimps
2 mm dark brown leather, 16 inches
light blue Satin Ribbon, 16 inches
dark blue Mini Satin Ribbon, 16 inches
2 postage stamps

chain nose pliers
round nose pliers
bone folder, burnishing tool or small wooden spoon

1. Trim postage stamps to size with scissors. Place between both pieces of glass and slide glass into Memory Frame. Depress tab on frame and burnish with bone folder or wooden spoon until smooth.

2. Feed the rhinestone ball onto the head pin. Using the round nose pliers, loop the head pin. Using the chain nose pliers, gently open the loop on the head pin and thread it through the ring on the bottom of the Memory Frame. Close securely.

3. Line up the leather and both pieces of ribbon in one of the fold over crimps. Using your chain nose pliers crimp it firmly. Thread the remaining ends of the leather and ribbon into the other crimp and close it. Thread the closed ribbon crimp through the ring at the top of the Memory Frame.

4. Using your chain nose pliers open the square jump ring. Feed it through the hole on the end of one ribbon crimp. Close securely. With your chain nose pliers open the loop on the spring ring clasp and attach it to the other ribbon crimp. Close securely.

Of course, all the supplies and tools can be had at Have fun!

You can get a free PDF of this project here.

*That is a joke, if you had two kids they'd always argue over who was the one on the 'front' of the pendant.


  1. Your a peach! I've been looking for a vintage type frame like this. I'm so glad I found you. These are just wonderful.

  2. Awesome, I was looking for this for my photographs. Thanks a bunch!

    Joy (web)

  3. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial! I will link on an upcoming blog post.

  4. hi, fab pendant! i love memory frames!.if your interested, i have a blog candy on my blog at the moment to win a memory frame and utee pendant and selection of vintage images! the link is posted below

    regards katy.


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