Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Newsletter message, April 21st

Good morning. I hope you are having a good week, so far. I am having a creative burst of energy that has me waking up at 4:00 am and wanting to make things. 

Or it might be the birds.

We've been sleeping with the windows open lately and those birds really DO get up early. I know they have worms to catch, but still...the tweet-tweeting begins at 4:00 (or earlier!) every morning. I try to incorporate it in my dreams and keep sleeping. Some mornings that works out and I slumber on, dreaming of a tropical oasis with sweet birds bringing me sun hats and fancy drinks.  Other mornings the tweeting turns into that weird dream where a bunch of robins are chasing me through the library trying to get my overdue book from 1989 and I'm not wearing shoes and there's a librarian that looks exactly like John Cleese. That dream is never good. 

Since I was up so early this morning (thank you very much, Mr. Cleese!) I decided to revisit our Pop-Up Sunday pics from last year. That was fun. This weekend is our first Pop-Up of the 2015. I am super excited. We are raising money for Healing Ceilings and have a new sponsor, WUNC. We have some amazing vendors, two delicious food trucks, an Elizabeth Galecke photo booth, great craft beer, wine, CUPCAKES and more. Did I say I was excited? Pop-Up is like a day-long party with shopping, drinks and food. Learn more here and join us

This Friday and Saturday we are hosting Suzie Oware for a fabulous trunk show in our North Classroom. She'll begin the fun with a special talk about the meanings and messages in Ghanaian glass beads on Thursday night. This talk includes a preview of the trunk show, and there are a limited number of spots remaining. If you want to register for the talk, click this link and snap up one of those seats
this week's interesting items

  • we've gotten a shipment of metallic seed beads in and they are (mostly) out on the floor, add these to all your designs for a current look
  • if you haven't yet checked out the new Green Girl charms, connectors, clasps and beads you are missing out! our favorite tiger charms says (on the back) 'A tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep' and might be just the gift for that graduating senior you know! click the pic to see more Green Girl.
  • our Mixed-Media necklaces, shown below - a combo of fibers and a mix of interesting beads - are THE thing to pair with your summer clothes. Think easy and casual, arty and interesting. Come in and we'll show you how to make that tricky, adjustable knot at the back, too!
  • back in stock: ball chaincross-lock tweezersgold-plated wiremetallic seed beads

I am proud to say that at this moment I don't have any outstanding library books. I have no idea why the birds keep harassing me about them. 

This week will fly by...I hope to see you!

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Call to Artists and Crafters, May 30 show in Raleigh, NC

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

get the Urge to DIY

Hey! You can visit Edge of Urge, one of our favorite Raleigh stores, and make a sweet pair of earrings while drinking wine. Yes, this is almost like heaven.

Or maybe it IS heaven?

Anyhow, check it out...those earrings (and that glass of pinot) are calling your name...

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Weekly Newsletter: Messy or neat?

Good morning! Today, I am packing my youngest off to a two-day camping trip. She packed her bags on Sunday, carefully checking each item off her list and stowing it in the proper place. This child has dresser drawers that look like fabric wrestling matches, but that duffle is so neatly packed a Navy Steward would be proud. It is my fervent hope that the tidy packing I witnessed is a harbinger of an adult with a least a bit of neatness. Then again, my dresser drawers occasionally look like the clothing has been disco dancing or, at the very least, doing a bit of yoga. 

How about you? Are you a neat packer? What about your purse or craft tote? It's amazing to me how many folks I know who have slightly messy desks but can keep their purses (or craft totes) in amazing shape. Hmm...maybe that's what's up with my youngest? 

If you've been musing on messy vs. neat, check out the post before this one for an interesting article about what a messy work space might actually do for your creativity. 

Don't forget, Pop-Up Sunday begins on April . The folks at Sweet Water Brewing are donating beer and we'll be raising money for Healing Ceilings. We're also excited to be hosting Elizabeth Galecke for a photo booth, some actual fairies for fairy-hair do's and a fab group of kiddos in the Indie Kids tent. Get more Pop-Up info here

new items and restocks (see pics below)

  • new druzy pendants with crystal insets, these are the exact same ones you see at pricey boutiques, but here you can put them on your own necklace...
  • we've gotten a big stock of Green Girl components in...click that pic to see more
  • these tiny bottles of Diamond Glaze made us get very high-pitched. They are perfect for doing a few pendants or a  pair of earrings. 
  • also in: crystal quartz points, kyanite points, labradorite points, LOTS of fab dyed turquoise howlite and LOTS of beautiful faceted stones...
  • we've restocked the stained glass jewelry supplies, including this foil sheet 
  • we now have select enamels in 3 oz. and tablespoon sizes. The big ones are for immersion enameling, the tiny ones are for you enamel-painting folks or anyone who wants to try a new color. 
  • we've restocked the Keith O'Connor copper beads...these are so pretty and look great with those quartz points!
  • are you waiting on a chain or a wire? there is a strong possibility it arrived
Do you follow us on Instagram? you should, you'll see updates as we unpack boxes and LOTS of pictures of various craft mis-adventures. Find us here @ornamentea.