Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Newsletter: panic mode! only 9 days left!

Are you in panic mode? I am. What is it about the end of the year that makes me feel this way? I'm not only trying to get gifts made and wrapped, I'm also trying to get my closet cleaned out and go through a giant pile of paperwork on my desk. Why? Those un-opened junk mail envelopes and half-read magazines will still be there in a month. 

Somehow, at the end of the year I feel like I want to finish all my tasks. I like the idea of waking up, on New Year's Day, with a clean slate for the new year. That is an unobtainable goal, I know. The urge is strong, though. 

With that in mind, I'm going to be doing some giveaways on the blog this week and next. Look for a copy of a magazine, two books, a kit and more. You can help me clean off my desk by entering all these contests, on the blog and on our instagram and facebook pages.

As the year ends we are also preparing to bid good-bye to a long-term Ornamentea staff member. Ndidi Kowalczyk has been an integral part of Ornamentea for over a dozen years. She's seen us go from the tiny store on Glenwood and a few strands of beads to a rainbow of sparkle, classes, events and fun. Ndidi is a talented artist and a generous teacher. She is leaving us to devote herself, full-time, to her enameling and metalsmithing work. I will miss her skills, her wisdom, her humor and her support, but I am also so very excited to see what comes out of her creative hands. While she might prefer a more discrete exit, I am letting you know so that you can stop in and say a final hello to her on our sales floor. If you want to make sure you keep up with her artistic work, be sure to follow her facebook page at hothouse posey.

I'll see you soon-

Monday, December 15, 2014

Family Bracelet - a gold bangle with a state for each family member

Do you have family stretched out around the country? This Family Bracelet, a little bangle with a state for each place you have a loved-one, is a nice way to wear (or give) a family remembrance.

We've got the charms in gold and silver-plated finishes, as well as brass. You can make a shiny gold bangle, like the one shown here, or create a mixed-metal bangle that can be worn everyday.

This one features states for (most) of our staff members. What's missing? New York and Indiana...

What states would be on your bangle? Reply below by midnight, Tuesday December 16th, and you could win a gold or silver-plated state of your choice.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Create sweet felted ornaments with a video tutorial

I love these felted ornaments created by Heather Powers. She's a talented designer and teacher, and I can't wait to sit down and watch her video tutorial for making these sweet ornaments. They would be an easy, fun craft to create for holiday gifts. I know lots of folks who would love one of these tied on their package. 

Check out our felting supplies and wool roving here or stop in to the shop.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

December 2nd, Newsletter message

good morning- 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving - whether it was quiet and contemplative or loud and boisterous. I did. Mine was the proper mix of family, silliness, delicious food and new puppy. Also, we had pie and I got to take a long walk. It set me up for this busy, busy month. 

We are having some wonderful Try It Tuesday's this month. Our first one, the Decopatched Gift Box, is a great way to create keepsake gift boxes that can be used and reused each year for holiday wrapping. This technique can also be perfect for making storage and organization boxes for your home or studio. Stop in anytime today to create your own box for just $3 each. Check out the pictures of our next four Try-Its down below see how great they are.  

I hate to rush the season, but if you are expecting a special order gift from Eurotool this year, you may want to tell Santa to put a rush on it. We'll be stocking up on all the usual favorites for gift-giving, but I know you are asking Santa for a left-handed smoke bender, or maybe a metric rawhide hammer cozy. Those have to be special ordered. Remind Santa that expedited shipping costs extra, and tools are heavy, so he or she might just want to stop in fairly soon to tell us what to add to our next regular order. Remember, any Eurotool item you purchase from us, and pick up in the store, doesn't come with extra shipping charges. If you think your Santa needs a detailed hint, just email me your tool list and the contact info. I promise we'll pass the word on!

Are you spending lots of time on Pinterest, dreaming about recycle and reuse crafts? One of our favorite local artists, Meredith Cantrell, is starting a series you'll love. Her Craftcycle Parties begin on December 12th with a fun New Year's project I can't wait to try. Meredith has done all the dirty work and gotten the supplies prepped for us. All we have to do is show up (with our favorite beverage if we are so inclined!) and craft. The project is a fun, New Year's inspired sign that I'll use year-round for special days. The paint and glitter mess will stay here at the shop. These Craftcycle Parties will be monthly, don't miss the first one. Read more about the Craftcycle Party right here.

If you are stuck on a project and need some advice, I'll be here this Friday night until about 8:00 pm. We'll have the First Friday project going on in the classroom, but I'll be available to help you get the details worked out on that project that's been vexing you. 

I'll see you soon-

P.S. Our Round Up charity, this month and through until April of next year, is Interact. Since today is unofficially Giving Tuesday, go check out their website to see what great work they do. If you don't know what a Round Up charity is, you might need a beadfreak card! 

Monday, December 01, 2014

First Friday Project

Join us this Friday, from 6-8 pm, for a free project. Come make a Holiday Sparkle Pendant to add to your favorite chain.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

happy Thanksgiving-

I hope you are enjoying this day of gratitude. I'm at home, in comfy yoga pants, laughing at my father-in-law's corny jokes and coaching my 8 year old through cooking her second-ever chocolate chess pie. Later, I'll phone distant family and think about how much I miss them. I've already called my mom with at least five cooking questions.
Ahh...Thanksgiving. It might be my favorite holiday.
I love the food, of course, and the time with family. I love the cozy day in the kitchen, and my messy, leaf-filled back yard. I'm also full of gratitude about all the little things; those yoga pants, a family I love, the luxury of recipes and worries over which serving dish is right for the green beans. It feels so amazing, to have this bounty of love for a day, and a life.
I'm also thankful for having this work I love. Our store, Ornamentea, is fifteen this year and this has been an incredible ride. Owning a crafty store is NOT all about making pretty jewelry and sorting the beads by color. I've had to get a business education the hard way, and I've made a million mistakes. I've also made some amazing friends - both coworkers and customers - and can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't opened the shop all those years ago. Because you are reading this, I am thankful for you; your support and encouragement as we've bumped and giggled along our path have been essential.
We are closed today, our staff are all home. In my mind's eye I can see Sadie serving her first-ever turkey, and Sarah taking time away from her jeweler's bench to eat a dinner with her loving parents, and Janet tucked around the table with all her boys and a surprise guest. I am so thankful for the work of all the Ornamenteans, their creativity and joy.
We'll be back at the shop tomorrow, and through this weekend. We have a mix of classes that you might enjoy taking with out of town guests and family. Ages for these classes start as low as 5, so we're hoping you'll celebrate what we like to call Craftsgiving by bringing a friend or family member to share in the joy of making. As a thank you to you, I've put a coupon code on all these classes. Just type THANKFUL
into the registration page and you'll save from $5-20 depending on the class. See the links below for details. 
Thank you for patronizing our family business-
P.S. We ARE participating in Small Business Saturday. If you shop with us - in store or on line - on Saturday, you could receive a $10 statement credit from American Express. You'll need to register your card...check it out here. 
Money back means FREE BEADS. 

Weekend Sale Items 
  • all Cavalini notebooks, washi tape, gift wrap packs and rubber stamps are 30% -40% off
  • all beading screens and screen rings are 50% off (this is a clearance, if you love these items, now is your chance!)
  • Swarovski crystal strands and bagged crystals are 50% off
View many of our sale items on our site SALE page.
Select items are not available on the site, stop in or phone us for details.