Friday, August 28, 2015

From the Repair Desk: How To Turn Pierced Earrings into Clip Earrings

We get this request a lot. Sometimes it is very easy, just remove the clip top and add the dangle to a clip top. Boom!

Other times, not so easy. 

When that happens, when a pair of earrings has an integrated post on a fancy top, we use a secret that I want to let you know about. The product Crystal Clay is perfect for filling in and attaching a clip where a post used to be. 

This two-part clay is easy to mix and can be placed in the space vacated by a snipped-off post. The pads for clip on earrings will attach nicely to the clay and we haven't found ANYTHING it does not hold, super-tight.

In the case of these earrings, we removed the post and the small bar that had been soldered in to hold the post in place using wire cutters. We then rolled a very small amount of Crystal Clay into a small ball (one for each earring) and then placed the clip finding in the space. We used a clip finding with a small ball atop the bar for this specific pair of earrings as the back of the earring was dented in a bit and the ball sat nicely in the space, held by the Crystal Clay.

We always allow the Crystal Clay to dry for 24 hours before giving the repair back to the customer. 

Some Crystal Clay tips: 
  • ALWAYS wear the gloves, this stuff isn't deadly, but it isn't good for you either.
  • Put down waxed paper to work on to keep the clay from getting on your table.
  • Keep the clay OFF sparkles, stones, crystal and metal you aren't sticking to anything. It can be a bit hard to remove small bits of it, so neatness counts.
  • The metallic colors aren't THAT metallic, so keep that in mind when you are planning the repair. The color we used, Gold, wasn't all that Gold, but it was all discretely hidden behind the earring top so it didn't matter MUCH. My favorite all-around color is the copper, It kinda looks like most metals. Kinda.
  • Use the product sparingly. It does not take much. 
  • The product ages and has a 'best used before' date on the package. We find that it works just fine for another six months to a year, but if you are interested in trying some NOW we've got a bit of it on sale that is marked down due to age. It will still work just fine for you, and you can try it at a huge discount! Click here to see the colors available. 

(note, this offer is only good until the 'past date' product sells out, so if you are interested, act fast!) 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ornamentea Customer Kate Ward Featured In The N&O

We love this recent profile of Kate Ward in the News & Observer. Her textile necklaces are beautiful, colorful and innovating. They look great with boho and preppy fashions, and they are each unique due to the antique and vintage textiles she uses in the manufacturing process.

We've been lucky enough to watch her tackle construction and design issues as she's developed this line, which means we've also been able to fondle quite a few of these as she was working on them. That is a great job perk!

Her designs are carried at Fab'rik and Charlottes in Cameron Village, Raleigh, as well as many other shops.

See the full article, including a video interview, here. That image is by Julie Leonard and was taken from the N&O article.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What's a charm swap all about? Ask Re-Maker!

are you joining our Sweet 16 Birthday Charm Swap?

I hope so! This post might inspire you, it's from Re-Maker, an Etsy shop we love and one of the 2012 swap participants. I love her writing, her photos and her take on our swap! 

check out the blog post here and check her out, too!

How To Create Stackable State Rings with Your Besties

These sweet, stackable state rings are our newest private party here at the shop and this one is POPULAR! It's a fun way to spend an afternoon with your bridesmaids, sorority sisters or girl friends. Each person can make her own favorite state, or you can all make your home state! We have all 50 states. 

Taught by Sarah Tector, expert metalsmith, this is a fun, 2-3 hour party for a group.
To schedule, call the shop at 919-834-8634

If you are at a distance, and just interested in the states, see them here

Monday, August 17, 2015

Join us for a Birthday Charm Swap!

Do you love making charms?

So do we!

To celebrate our 16th birthday, we are having a charm exchange that you can be part of. You'll be able to make and share charms with artists from around the world and you'll receive a set of beautiful charms in return. As you join the swap, you may want to also join the We Love Ornamentea facebook group to watch as swappers post pics and updates about their projects. We'll also make Celebrity Swapper announcements there first.

The theme for this exchange is Birthdays and Sweet 16 and you are invited to interpret that theme in your charm and your packaging in any way you wish. We have no strong restrictions on colors or materials for this swap, BUT please make your charms smaller than 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches. Any bigger, and this would be a pendant swap!

the details!

  • Charms due September 21st, 2015, by 7:00 p.m. Please submit 6 charms, no larger than 1.5x1.5 inches. Please make your charms wearable, meaning they can't be made of something that decomposes or decays (sorry, no teeny, real cupcakes! but sculpted cupcakes would be fab!)
  • Please wrap or bag your charms individually with your name and (if you wish) contact information. We recommend including your contact information: it can be fun to see what people do with the charms you make! The wrapping is part of the fun with charms, so feel free to continue your theme to the packaging.
  • Please fill out the submission form completely and include it when submitting your charms.The submission form will be available here on the blog, and at the shop, starting on September 1st.
  • If you will not be able to attend the Pick-Up Party on Saturday, September 26th at 1:00 pm, please indicate whether you want your charms held for later pick up or mailed to you. the Pick Up Party will coincide with both Keith O'Connor's trunk show AND our Cup-Cake Pot-Luck. 
  • ALL AGES are invited to participate! In the past we've had MANY young charm makers and we swap child-made charms with other child-made charms. 

Ornamentea Attn: Charm Swap
509 N. West Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

  • Please click here to purchase shipping in order to receive your charms by mail after the swap. Shipped charms will be mailed out on September 28th and 29th via USPS Priority Mail. The shipping fee covers US shipping only; if you are an international swapper, please contact Galen at the shop to discuss how we can best get your charms back to you! 
The submission form is available RIGHT HERE. You can print it out at home, or stop in and we can give you a copy to fill out. 

Still confused? Check out these blog posts about past swaps and exchanges. You will be inspired!