Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Newsletter, July 29, 2014

good morning-

Well, we've done a bit of rearranging (again) at the shop. We've added a bit more space (with a table re-arrangement) for loose, individual beads. We've also tidied up the seed bead area and made it easier to shop. Look for a nice, concise sale section of some great seed bead closeouts, plus a new area for our ever-changing collection of the new shape seed beads that the Czech bead makers keep dreaming up. Our cases are changing, too, as we clear out merchandise to make space for new items and lines coming in. Right now our silver case looks sadly empty, but I promise that there are good things coming to fill it. 

Why do I move things around so often? Well, I have to. We are always trying to offer you something different and new...and this necessitates the moving. 

Um. Okay, I can't lie. 

I just like to rearrange things. 

Anyway, stop in this week if you can and see the new shift. Don't forget to check out the new sale seed-bead section, and the sale Swarovskis and findings. I'll be here on Friday night for First Friday if you want to let me know what you think. 

Have a crafty week-

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lenny and Eva Sale

We are closing out some of last season's Lenny and Eva items and you can benefit. These make really nice gifts for a Lenny and Eva collector, or you can just add them to your own bracelet stack. To purchase any of these you can call the shop or visit our Facebook page.

Monogram necklace DIY and kit

Click the picture to see how you can download this fun monogram necklace DIY for just $.99. 
Yes, we do have kits available!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Newsletter note - Try It Tuesday and a Flash Sale on Sterling

good morning-

Whew. I had a late night. I came home to my sweet puppy, sleeping in the entryway and wondering where I had been. She looks at me with the most suspicious eyes when I arrive later than she thinks I should. I swear, she imagines I'm out walking around some other dog! 

I promise, I was at work!

Why was I at work so late? Today, we are having a flash sale on some of our sterling and gold-filled charms, beads, Bali, cones and more. I was at the shop WAY too late marking things down 50-60% off. I wanted them to all be ready for you and anyone else who comes in for Try-It Tuesday. There are some really great deals there that I know you'll love. I promise we'll make a giant pot of coffee (I know I'll need it!) so don't forget to ask for a cup!

This Sunday, we'll welcome our July Pop-Up crowd. We have an incredible group of vendors, a great beer (Lonerider!) and one of our favorite charities, Habitat for Humanity's ReStore. We'll have Stufd (the baked potato truck!), Belle, Jay's Italian Ice and Chick-n-que to keep you well-fed. Come see us on Sunday to shop the vintage vendors and see the reuse projects Habitat will be showing off. I can't wait. Learn more about the vendors and the event here on the Pop-Up page. 

If you are joining us on Friday, don't forget you can grab lunch in our parking lot. The guys at All-American Food Truck are bringing their truck to see us from 11-2 on Friday. Learn more about them here. 

I'll post pics of our newest items all week...check out the photos below and follow me on Instagram if you can. I promise I won't post too many pictures of my cute dog. 

Come make something great-

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Tutorial From Erin Siegel - Confetti Hoop Earrings

These Confetti Hoop Earrings are a sweet, colorful way to wear wrapped wire. The Magatama drop beads move nicely on the wire wraps, so there is a bit of a gypsy feel to these. Of course, the easy-to-follow directions from Erin Siegel are right here, just click!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Try the Inspired By Nature Retreat this year!

Join author and designer Heather Powers for a weekend retreat inspired by nature.  This year's theme is "Wings & Feathers".  You'll explore the delicate and precious things of nature; leaves,  butterfly wings and bird feathers. Symbols of hope and renewal with earthy fall hues; coppers and verdigis green, browns and plums.

The Retreat is October 17th - 19th in lovely Michigan. A fall trip to the upper Midwest is bound to be inspiring!

The retreat includes three days of classes and supplies, a gift bag with nature-themed treats, lodging, breakfast and snacks. Click right here to find out more.