Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Playing With Something New

Today I'm sitting here at the table on my porch, listening to my dogs keep dangerous songbirds out of our yard (mostly they just chase, ocassionally they bark) and stringing up some beads. The dogs are pretty sure all songbirds are dangerous, and that means that this time of year they spend a lot of time running from one side of the yard to the other. I'm apparently too feeble to recognize the danger inherent in a robin, or a cardinal, and must be protected vigilantly.

It's been almost a month since we closed the Raleigh store and my life is settling into a peaceful routine. There are still a few boxes left to unpack from the studio painting. We're waiting for the shelf paint to 'cure' before we put the books and tools back. There are some 'where will this go?' items I saved from the store that I probably should have just sold (like about 65 too-many wire baskets!) but that will all get sorted out. I have had a lot more time, inside my head and in my garden. I have found myself thinking of things I wanted to make, not things I felt I HAD to make.

Which is nice.

Within this routine, I've been spending some time with a pair of friends who are embarking on something new. These ladies miss the creative space that we had at Ornamentea, and I'm honored to say that they have enlisted me to work as their sounding board and advisor. Their new spot, Craft Habit Raleigh, will open late this summer. I'm looking forward to sitting in one of their work table chairs and being a customer.

Projects like the one up above, playing with a new material, are the kind I am enjoying right now. This cotton Temple Cording is made of a zillion tiny threads, all hand-twisted and worsted back upon themselves. It's so compelling to me; I want to knot it and stitch it and loop it. If I were a knitter, I'd probably want to knit it. Thank goodness I am not a knitter, as I only have a few yards (teeny sweaters!)

This new cording is part of the swath of new items that are appearing on The talented folks who are running the site for me are also geniuses at bringing new materials to the crafting world. I'm going to be responsible for figuring out if these materials are worth importing. Basically, it's my job to play.

I like that.

So, if you are in Raleigh, check out the Craft Habit Raleigh page. If you are a beader, check out the Temple Knotting Cord (it's mixed in with the silk cord for now on this page.)

If you are a dangerous songbird, stay out of my yard.

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