Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Bead&Button Show

Are you headed to the Bead&Button Show? This annual bead extravaganza win Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is like a journey to the magic kingdom for so many beaders and crafters. There are days and days of classes with a dizzying array of techniques, and all the dream instructors you wish you could learn from. The big treat for many, however, is the vendor hall. It's a bazaar of beads, findings and parts; like the best flea market ever (if you are a beader!)

I've never been to this show. While I have a from-way-back friend who lives just an hour away, the timing of the show is always awkward for me. Here in the South, our schools get out a bit later than they do in the MidWest, so early June is the time of year when I'm writing thank you cards for teachers, and creating those end-of-year gifts. Don't get me wrong, I DO love a big bead extravaganza, and I'd love to someday teach a class there or just wander the halls, but for now, here, my first choice of a thing to do in early June is writing those thank-you's to the teachers that have made my daughter's lives better this year. 

Are you going? I'd love to have you visit our friends at Da Beads. They'll have a table with some pretty things you'll love, and you can even use this coupon to get in free:  

Just print it out using your 'print screen' button and fill it in...voila, free admission!

Have fun!