Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Waterfalls and Ten Year Olds

Today, my nine-year-old becomes a ten-year-old.

Last night, while she slept, we set up a fish tank in the living room. It is has a waterfall filter, so as I type this I am hearing the flow of water over the edge of a plastic shelf. The sound might be peaceful, or calming, or make you worry that a toilet is overflowing. Right now, I'm working hard on the peaceful. The tiny bits of sponge and charcoal take the place of a full ecosystem, making this home for fish in my living room. So far, this glass-walled pond holds only a large catfish.

That fish is lonely. The ten-year-old (did I really type that?!) wants to give it some company. She wants to fill it with a whole community of flashing fish. I can't wait to help her.

It's just this waterfall thing...

My new life, post-store, involves a lot of working at home with my dogs and chickens. This is my new aquarium; a messy studio and a breezy back porch and a very weedy garden.

And a waterfall.