Friday, November 17, 2006

felt mania!

Oh, we got the latest felt shipment in from Nepal yesterday and it is wonderful. There are the cutest slippers and some more wonderful felt beads. This is good timing, as the felt was listed in Beadwork magazine under their Cool Stuff column this month and we are anticipating a few more listings in the next month or so in other magazines. These fuzzy lovelies are flying out of the store and REALLY flying out on web orders. We have shipped them to Japan, Israel, France, and Canada in the last few weeks. Crazy!

These new slippers were supposed to be sized from 18 to 32 but they are mostly about an 18 or 19 or 20 and then about a 30 or 31 or 32. European sizes, all children's sizes. I think we had a communication problem. So we have slippers for 0-9 month olds and for 5 or 6 year olds!
But I love these anyway, I will have to reorder and get some of the in-between sizes. I wonder if they will make them for giant, adult feet?

Here is Nora playing with some felt balls while Manda and I try the new slippers on her. She can't wear the XS size, I think it is probably about a 0-6 mos. and she has big feet! The S fits though, look for her around town in the purple lions!

See how much she really wants to eat those felt goodies? Don't worry, I didn't let her. She is on a strict diet of Decaf Grande Mochas and granola bars.

This order shows one of the problems we do have sometimes. I can get all excited about something (say, felt slippers) at a show and order it but somehow not do it correctly. Now, of course, I wanted the slippers to be assorted, size 18-32. When I read that I think, a mix of sizes between 18 and 32. Well, if I were a Nepalese felt maker I guess I would think to ship half in size 18 and half in size 32. More or less. See, on top of that the different styles are very different in size. Hmm. At least all the felt balls, flowers and rings are the perfect size!