Wednesday, December 27, 2006

the final unicorn

Well, I spent about a day stressing about the unicorn for Cleo and then at the very last minute I walked into Learning Express toys and found a white horse that could be modified. They even had a fairy doll in a green dress to go with it! I added a horn made from a bit of pink Hanna Silk ribbon I got at Panopolie. It is softly shaded and so looks very nice. I added some extra pink yarn (Hand Dyed Hobbies) to the mane and tail and the unicorn looks perfect. Cleo enjoyed it to no end and is still playing with it. I think I have learned my lesson, but I don't know if the lesson is:
1. Check your local merchant first.
2. Don't make any promises for Santa.
3. Order early! or just Shop early!
4. All three.

And about Magic Cabin, well, they haven't yet returned my phone call today. We'll see how their customer service is, I will let you know. I really love their sweet, hand drawn catalog and always have enjoyed giving their toys as gifts.