Tuesday, January 09, 2007

busy busy week

Whew-it is going to be a busy week. We have a guest artist coming in to teach a three day retreat at Ornamentea, I have to pick her up at the airport and then we have a reception for her on Thursday night. We have a slumber party at Panopolie on Friday night. Plus my mom is going to be in town and she's teaching a class.

Unfortunately, I don't get to take attend the retreat at Ornamentea. The artist is Susan Lenart Kazmer and I took a class with her last year at Art&Soul in VA. I hope she'll come back when Nora is a bit older, there is no way I could devote three days to luxurious jewelry making right now! That is one perk of owning bead stores, I can get the artists I want to learn from to come and take classes...shh, don't tell.

I will probably get to do a bit of beading at night with my mom. That is the best part of her visits and one that we don't always get to. Late night crafting...