Saturday, March 10, 2007

20 feet of beads

We got these kilo bags of mixed stone beads in and I brought one home. Wow. I knew that it would string up to be 20feet or so of beads and I knew that it was a major mix with shapes and sizes galore but I am still amazed. There are four amazing cabs (flat backed stones with no holes) in here and six broken or no-hole beads but other than that, every bead is useable and interesting. There are several different beads shaped like Moravian stars. Six flat pendants in dyed jade, jasper or quartz that are big (20x30 or 20x40mm) and five long beads in different jaspers. I could make jewelry out of this bag for the next year if I didn't need too many earrings.

If I still sold jewelry I'd buy one of these and make some 'assorted' bracelets or necklaces. It's only $18 a kilo.

I will add some pics later today.