Friday, April 27, 2007

Betz's New Book and baby gifts

Well, Betz White will have a new book coming out soon showing off all her felty techniques. If you haven't already cleaned out the thrift stores of their wool sweaters (great prices this time of year!) you will soon.
Her blog is nice too, I like the most recent post about seeing all the clothes at Goodwill. I have been on a tear this year with the girls and have been getting most of their items at thrift stores and adding lots of ribbon, buttons and even some fabric paint. The upside is that most of the stuff I have adorned has been lovely (that's me being modest!) the downside is that sometimes it takes me a month to get the project finished, which, at Nora's age is not really workable. She has grown right thru a few decorated items covered in embroidered ribbon! Oh well, I have nice baby gifts on hand now.

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  1. i love her... she makes the coolest cupcakes!!! :)


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