Monday, April 30, 2007

Mixed Media and Memory Jewelry

Making Designer Mixed Media and Memory Jewelry
by Tammy Powley/Quarry Press
This book features a plethora of projects that incorporate ephemera and found objects into jewelry and highlights some of my favorite products such as Amazing Glaze. Tammy Powley is well known as the host of's jewelry making forum and she puts her talents for crafty problem solving to good use here. You'll find ideas for working with hardware store bits and pieces, old photographs and even broken jewelry. I especially enjoy her techniques section, the black and white drawings nicely explain the ins and outs of basic techniques. This book would be great for a new beader who isn't afraid to do something different and could inspire a book or paper artist to stretch their talents to wearables.
Look for the watch locket project on page 66, and the tiny bottle link necklace on page 101. Official disclaimer: Tammy has used items from in her projects and (I think) likes our goodies.