Sunday, April 22, 2007

a quirk of art

This blog has some amazing found object jewelry including this necklace...I do so love making something out of the nothings that clutter our world. I save just about everything. I have a giant jar of bottle caps that keeps getting bigger, three big jars of ribbon scraps and fabric bits (color coordinated, of course!) and every pocket of every tote bag I own has rusty bits I have picked up when walking along the street. I try NOT to pick stuff up in front of my daughters, as they are so young they will indiscriminately pick up anything. For instance, I DON'T pick up dog poop, no matter how interesting it may be. They might. It is a hard lesson to impart, what you can and cannot pick up on the street. Bottle caps, yes. Chewed gum, no. Rusty bit of interesting wire, yes. Dead bird, no.
See how confusing it is?

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