Saturday, June 09, 2007

Walk for the Cure - Team Beadfreak!

We had a great time at the walk today and it was fabulous to see so many people there. We got up early and Cleo decided on matching pink dots for her and her baby sister. You can see they were still a little sleepy as they ate their bagels!Galen and I walked the one-mile fun walk with the girls and with Heidi, Mark, Spencer and Heidi's mom, Penny. Penny is a two year survivor of breast cancer and one of the inspirations for Team Beadfreak this year. We also walked for Michelle, Jayne, Denise and so many of our family, friends and customers.

Here is Penny walking over the finish line!
I didn't ever see any of the other team members, they were all walking or running the 5K and that group was HUGE. We watched them taking off from the starting line for about 30 minutes. I will post some photos here later when I get them. Those pink tank tops were LOST in the general color of the day. Cleo said 'this is just a big pink walk!'
If you didn't yet get a chance to donate to team Beadfreak, you can click here to go to Libby's donation page. Somehow, she sent her donation page link out to everyone, so my family and friends all donated to her. It made me look really slack, but it all goes to the same cause. Libby was our team captain, too, so in addition to getting all the donation credit she also got a gold pin that says team captain...we may make her wear it at work every day!