Sunday, November 18, 2007

Felted Headband Tutorial

I have been making felted headbands decorated with flowers this fall and think they are so sweet. I have made them with unusual color combinations for more adult appeal and with Cleo-pleasing pink-and-purple blossoms.

You'll need:
Approx. 10 gr. of wool in assorted colors
One fabric covered headband
One three needle tool
Foam block
Chain nose pliers

Try to use the fabric covered plastic head bands such as this style, made by Goody. The wool will actually felt into the fabric, so you don't need to use glue.

This is a picture more than enough wool to make one headband. You need a long strip of one color and a few puffs of the other accent colors for the blossoms and leaves. I have taken this and the other pictures on my Rhodia pad, so you can gauge the size of the wool. The squares are 5x5 mm each.

Wrap the headband with thin strips of the main wool color. Wrap it tightly, and overlap the ends.

Remove one needle from your tool by following the manufacturer's directions. Set the loose needle aside in a safe place, it's sharp!
Use the two-needle tool to felt the wool at an angle, pushing the wool into the fabric of the headband.

When you get to the ends, you'll need to be careful with your wrap and felt a bit and then wrap a bit as you go.

Once you have the headband wrapped, it's time to make the flowers and leaves.

Return the third needle to the tool.

Felt small flowers and leaves and attach them to the headband with the needle tool. You may use the tool to felt from the side of the headband to fully attach the flowers. I do this with my custom, two needle tool!

You can add as many leaves and flowers as you wish to your headband. Imagine a whole garden, with lots of dramatic leaves or a simpler more delicate headband with a single violet and a few leaves. It's up to you.

See a video and get a PDF print out of this project here.