Sunday, November 04, 2007

Funny, funny...

Ok, tomorrow I will post with all my good news from the Handmade Market (quick note, it was fabulous!)Today I had the longest day ever since I kept thinking hubby had changed the clock in the bedroom (he hadn't, extra hour!) kitchen (he hadn't, extra hour!) or the van (he hadn't, extra hour!). I love this daylight savings time magic.

Used the coffee corset today, it made my trip to Target oh-so-much-more fabulous. My husband rolled his eyes. No coffee for him. The only downside to the whole day is the fact that the dance and club music of my college days is now the Muzak of REI. Yeh. The whole time we were trying to find pink, made in the USA, tie tennis shoes for Cleo we were listening to Depeche Mode, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the Psychedelic Furs. I busted a move or two for Cleo in the sock department and she said, "Mom, you can dance to this?" HUH? Well, just give me a second to change into my black leather motorcycle jacket and put on some eyeliner and Doc Martens and I will show you. It made me feel sought after, honestly. I mean, they are playing my music because they know I want to buy socks and pink suede tennis shoes for my child.

Go read this guy's blog. Pay special attention to the post about the 70s Sear's catalog. My family did a lot of matching. A lot. We had matching bathing suits, matching dress-and-tiny-tie ensembles, matching pjs. My father and brother would have matching ties and matching stretch plaid pants. My sister and I had millions of matching dresses with my brother sporting a tiny matching shirt. My mom SEWS so there were really no limits. She can pretty much make anything, unfortunately. My dad is a big fan of matching to this day and thinks it's great to get (hold on to your seat) matching sweatshirts with our names embroidered on them for me, my husband, my sister, her husband, my brother and his wife. Yeah. Consider that this also means that there must be a picture taken with all of us lined up showing off our new togs. Now, even if you don't know me at all you probably cannot picture me dressed like five other people in a Ohio State sweatshirt with our names embroidered on the chest. I mean, who would wear that voluntarily?

(I feel free to put this here in my blog because, as far as I know, my dad has never read my blog. Now I will find out if he is being stealthy and has been reading all along. My guess is no, and hopefully my siblings won't rat me out. If they do, they will get something matching for their Christmas gift this year...)

Thanks to Julie for the link to 15 minute lunch! the guy is really funny, read and read.