Sunday, January 27, 2008

Soldered Ring Cuff

This is the project for the Metals Club at Ornamentea this month. It was created by Tiffany Price, a fabulous artiste who is one of those annoying people who does a million things really well and always looks great, too. She'll be showing folks how to make the cuff at the meeting. The Metals Club meets every month and they take turns showing each other how to make projects or do different techniques.

If you have a bead store and don't have any clubs, I suggest you start some. We have a Beadweaving Club, an Altered Book club and the Metals Club. Many of our staff are 'members', plus the customers come to the meetings. Technically, these clubs are supposed to be for the customers but since we all work at bead stores because we are interested in playing with the merchandise we get to come, too. Each club gives us a chance to try things and get feedback from folks who are interested in specific techniques or types of work. When my girls are a bit older and I can be absent more easily from bedtimes I will start attending the clubs more regularly. I wish I could make this cuff!