Friday, February 01, 2008

Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge

This is the Ice Storm necklace I created for the Art Bead Scene's January challenge. I used beads by Elaine Ray including a tree medallion for the center. The words 'ice storm' make me think of the giant pecan tree that shades our home. It is sheltering from the summer sun but in the winter, with a dangerous glaze of ice it seems to tower with a glittering menace. If that tree fell, it would smash our small house into ruins. I made this necklace a bit menacing with daggers of crystal quartz and a small vial of rock salt to protect the wearer from danger. I used flat shell beads along the neck like worn shingles and added some dangles with ceramic snowflakes and drops of water. Originally I was going to incorporate a hand-made sterling bezel by Susan Lenart-Kazmer with the number '32' inside but I messed it up first with Diamond Glaze and then with Amazing Glaze. Since I usually tell folks those are fool proof I may have to reset my ideas. If you know how to get dried Diamond Glaze out of a bezel, please let me know.

I wonder who will win the challenge. Whether I win or not, it was fun working with a theme and a deadline.