Monday, February 11, 2008

Filigree Statement Necklace How-to

The large Statement Necklace is all over the fashion magazines this spring. What is a Statement Necklace? Basically, it is a big honking necklace. Not for the timid, if you know what I mean. This giant accessory will make all your plain tee shirts look quite up-to-the-minute. Since most of my clothes right now are pretty up-to-two-years-ago I will be working this trend hard. I love giant necklaces.

This one is in neutrals with gold filigree and lucite beads. You could make a really bright one with gunmetal filigree or one with purple beads and silver filigree. Hmm, I might make those later this week...I have a lot of tee shirts to update!

To make this necklace you will need:
large link chain, 14 inches
1 wood ring
6 lucite beads, 18-28 mm in neutral tones
1 gold plated filigree ring, 36
2 two-loop diamond filigree, 45 mm
2 flat eight-petal filigree, 45 mm
2 filigree dapped rounds, 38 mm
18 Swarovski crystal pearls in white, 5 mm size
12 inches Soft flex bead stringing wire cut into two equal sections
gold colored craft wire, 20 mm

all the filigree can be found here or at the store

You will need the following tools:
chain nose pliers, 2 pairs
round nose pliers, 1 pair
wire cutters, 1 pair

Use the 20 gauge wire to loop all the beads as shown. Set aside.

Thread 9 of the pearls onto one section of the Softflex. Knot into a loop, as shown. Repeat. Using the ends of the stringing material, sew this bead loop onto the front of one of the eight petal flowers. Repeat with the other eight petal flower and bead loop. Set these aside.

With your chain nose pliers carefully open six links of the chain as shown. You'll use these links to attach many of the necklace elements together. The remaining length of chain will form the back of the necklace.

Bend both of the diamond filigree as shown in the photo. Use your chain nose pliers to bend one diamond in the middle, then repeat with the other diamond.

Attach the looped beads to the various pieces of filigree and the large chain links.

Place the two eight petal flowers back-to-back before linking them. You will also use the round filigree back-to-back. This will make the necklace look 'right' even if it gets all flippy on you.

Depending on the size and weight of the beads you have used you may need to reposition them a few times to get the correct balance. Try this necklace on and see how it feels.

If you have trouble opening the large links of chain without marking the chain, you may want to try Tool Magic. This is a tool coating that covers the working faces of your tools and keeps you from dinging up your wires or chain links. We have it at the store or you can order it at