Monday, March 24, 2008

Susan's book is out!

Ok, you gotta get this book. It is beautiful, inspirational, lovely. Nathalie brought her copy in last week and I saw another copy this past weekend. I can't sell it to you yet, Susan's only offering it through her website for a year. What can I say, I am not waiting. I ordered mine today. Mmmm, rivets. Hinges. Staples. Power tools. This book is filled with a million ideas for attaching just about anything to anything in the adornment world.

In an ideal adornment world, I would be able to take this book into my studio and stay there for about a week. I will have to settle for a few late nights.

So what are you waiting for? Go order yours today.

EDITED on March 26th by CMD
Yehaw! Susan is sending a box of her books to us in Raleigh! They'll be here next week. Come check them out in person. We'll also be adding selected bezels and channel settings from her studio...