Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bug Off and make Bug Pins

These beaded bugs are the kind I like. The don't bite and you can pin them to your lapel or shoulder and have company wherever you go. The wonderful Prep Maynard is teaching folks how to make these bugs here at Ornamentea on Saturday. Call 919-834-6260 to register if you want us to save you a space. I think these bugs make great gifts and great summery accessories. I like the idea of pinning one to a beaded necklace as an accent. You'll make two bugs, and could make a mosquito if you want but why would you?

We have a major mosquito problem our our little corner of the world. Our back yard is a jungle and the buggies know it. Every year when the mosquitoes come out I switch my soap to this fabulous hand-made and yummy smelling bug off soap and I don't get bothered as much as my hubby. He refuses to believe that the soap will work ("bugs don't care what soap you use!") but I can just smile peacefully as he swats his legs. We have a spray on for kids, too, since the soap may be a bit much for them on a day-to-day basis. The soap and spray are made by Moon Dance Soaps here in Raleigh and we sell some of their fabulous stuff here at the stores...lotion bars, soaps and now the Bug Offs. Come check them out.