Thursday, May 29, 2008

New chain and silver rings

We just got in six new styles of chain in antique brass and antique copper and we have added a matte silver plated version of the brass rings that have been so popular. The new chains have me very excited, especially the tiny, curved bar chain in antique brass and a knurled antique copper chain. Look for these later this week or early next week. The chain styles are all auditioning for permanent parts in our offerings so we don't have them in all finishes. Let me know if you like one but really, really, really wish we had it in another finish...adding these new chains is bittersweet for me as we are marking down some of our 'old' chain styles, and some of them have been friends of mine since I first began selling my jewelry under the name Bedizen Ornaments. I am trying to console myself by looking at the lengths of the new chains I have sitting right here next to me on my studio table...perhaps I am not so broken hearted after all!