Monday, July 28, 2008

Button charming earring tutorial

To make these sweet button earrings you'll need:
2 antique brass bezels, 14 mm
2 vintage mother of pearl buttons to fit the bezels
2 antique brass simple ear loops
2 antique brass jump rings, 5 mm
6 antique brass head pins, 1 inch
2 vintage jet glass leaves
6 black faceted glass beads, 4mm

You'll also need
Beacon 527 glue
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers

1. Use a small dot of the 527 glue to set a vintage button in the center of each bezel. Set these aside to dry.

2. With the round nose pliers, create a wrapped loop at the top of a vintage leaf as shown.

3. Thread one of the 4 mm beads onto a head pin and create a loop. Repeat with all the remaining beads and head pins. Set aside.

4. Using your chain nose pliers, gently open one of the jump rings and thread it through the loops at the top of 3 of the beads, the loop at the top of a leaf and the bottom scroll on one of the bezels in order. Close securely. Use your chain nose pliers to gently open the loop at the bottom of the simple ear loop and feed it through the other scroll on the bezel. Close securely. Repeat to create other earring.

These earrings would also look lovely with a tiny picture in the bezel. Imagine a photo of your grandmother in your right ear, your grandfather in your left. Or Laurel and Hardy, that would be quite nice, too.