Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Elaine Ray beads

Just look at that wall of Elaine Ray goodies...we just got a big shipment and they are fabulous. We have some new glazes and shapes that Elaine invented just for us. We're trying them out for adding to the website. After I looked at all these beads, I don't think Elaine slept much this last month. She is an artist and the mom of teens. She's pretty busy. We get really happy when we convince her to ignore her other activities and just MAKE BEADS for hours and hours. I mean, her kids are old enough to make their own pb&j? right?

Anyway, come check out the new beads at Ornamentea and if you make something fabulous with Elaine's work you can email a pic to her...she'll put it on her blog. Or email me and we might make it a project idea on the website!