Sunday, October 12, 2008

A fabulous Saturday night

Wow. That was the best Crafty Slumber Party ever. I know, I say that every time, BUT they do get better and better.

The Charm Exchange was so much fun, everyone got very excited to open their bags of goodies and ohh and ahh over their treasures.

Janet made tiny Chaine Maille wreaths,
Audra made soldered flower charms,
Susan made teeny-weeny felted pies in teeny-weeny pie boxes,
Marcy knitted washer-and-bead charms,
Elaine wrapped keys with sparkly beads...
Lillian made enameled charms. Oh, the bounty.

Orla brought in charms she got from Amber Dawn's Pink Charm Swap and we got to ooh and ahh over them. Orla also oohed and ahhed over everyone else's charms.

I got to chat with so many folks and that is the best part of the Slumber Parties. Well, that and the fact that we drink wine while we are working (this ONLY happens at Slumber Parties!) I am pretty sure the noshes were part of the lure for Nathalie, but I could be wrong! Mollie passed drinks on a tray and made us all feel oh-so-fancy. She isn't in this picture, but she should be.
We had three mini-classes; Ndidi taught everyone how to solder a jump ring on a paper charm. The rotating pumice pans are the secret to her magic trick, that and large jump rings.

The fabulous Nathalie filled in at the last minute and taught us to rivet. She's an excellent teacher and plans for all contingencies, even when you just give her a few hours notice.

Jennifer taught us to make colored, anodized aluminum jump rings with a rainbow of wire.

Kay also filled in at the last minute. She was scheduled to come to the party, but I made her work. She's a doll and managed to flit around and make the party better AND I still think the had some fun.