Saturday, February 07, 2009

the REAL Krispy Kreme Challenge Winners (in my opinion!)

Ok, so there is a guy out there right now who can say he won the Krispy Kreme Challenge today; he ran and ate and ran faster than anyone else. He skipped the After Challenge, however. Liz and Lauren did not. They both ran, ate a dozen, ran, AND then came and made a dozen (earrings) at Ornamentea.

The Krispy Kreme challenge runs right past Ornamentea. Megan and I waived at the competitors this morning. We saw the guy who ran in the bikini top, the one with the donut on a stick, even the ROTC Marines. We didn't expect runners to come beading after their ordeal.

Direct quote from Lauren "You have to smash because then you can eat them faster. If you eat them one-by-one your stomach will have a chance to realize how much sugar you are eating." Good point.

Nice work, ladies.