Wednesday, April 15, 2009

on the internets

We have a new feature at Ornamentea. We have added a wi-fi network so folks can surf the web whilst they bead. Actually, we added it so that I (and a few other staff members) could use our laptops at work but then we figured, what the heck, why not make it available to the public? Right now we are pretty quiet about it but we do intend to post some 'Internet Bead Cafe' signs around at some point. Since we occasionally have free coffee or wine in the evenings (just ask!) this is the next logical step, right?

While I don't imagine that our usual customer will be surfing while beading we often have a trailing friend or spouse on our couch, looking bored and perusing Car&Driver or InStyle. Now they have a choice; they can bring their own laptop and play World of Warcraft.

Since I can now bring my ancient laptop to work with me I think I may invest in a nice laptop cover. That would make my husband happy. He would like me to wrap it in bubble wrap before I throw it in my huge bag but I cannot do that for obvious reasons*. Maybe I will get this nice squirrely cover from the fine folks at Brokesy on etsy. A panic-y squirrel is just the totem animal for my computing times and I didn't find a single chicken laptop cover on etsy. Not a single one.

*because it looks bad, duh!