Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We've redesigned our shopping site and I love it! My favorite part? It loads faster, so that's quicker shopping for you. We don't yet have all the new tutorials or project ideas up, and there are still lots of kinks to work out, but we did get up our What Our Customers Say About Us page, which was fun to put together.

The very talented Sandy, our web designer, put in many, many hours on this. We've added a side navigation bar with lots more headings so you don't have to wonder what the heck Bits and Bobs is anymore! You can just look for head pins or charms and, voila, there they are! We also have a new feature where you can ask to be notified if an item that is sold out comes back, plus we've sorted the goodies differently so you can see each bit or bob that much better. It is more in my nature to be mysterious and label things cryptically, but customers and all those business experts out there tell me that folks like to find things fast and know what they are looking for. Oh-kay!

We have a goal to add all the basic items we reorder every month at the real brick-and-mortar stores up there on Ornamentea.com some time this year...it's a lot of work for Sandy and the rest of the talented folks who work here but it is also going to make our site easier to use and the business (hopefully!) easier to run. Look for new categories like Glass Soldering and Bench Supplies, more beads of all types and more papers and book making supplies...it will be like a tour of our real stores, but on your laptop!

So do me a favor and check out the newest version of Ornamentea.com and send me a note to let me know what you do and don't like about it. Oh, and if you find any mistakes PLEASE let us know! Thanks!