Friday, June 26, 2009

Chicken Jewelry contest, photos of the day

Fifi the hen had a great time judging the Chicken Jewelry contest at Panopolie on Friday. She was so well behaved (mostly!) and tolerated a lot of love and attention from the various folks who were there to see the judging. I will post the contest jewelry in a separate blog entry, be sure to vote for your favorite!
Fifi tried on one of the entries (a delicate Hen Crown!)
The Paparazzi went wild!
The esteemed judge had difficulty 'pecking' a winner. She was overwhelmed by the level of expression and craft technique in the entries. And all the baked goods the crowd was eating.

Fifi enjoyed watching the Breakfast and Beads crowd.

Fifi even cleaned up after Breakfast and Beads! Finally she had some baked goods...

Oh, my daughter, Cleo, heard me saying that the chicken would 'peck' the winner. "Shouldn't she peck the loser?" was the question...good point!