Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Elaine Ray beads are here!

New beads are up on the site from Elaine Ray. Delicious colors including the bright and yummy Creamsicle...we have several new toggles, beadcaps and pendants that will be up this next week and then we'll rearrange Elaine's pages on our site to make your designing easier. Check it out!

These brighter colors took a lot of work with Elaine. She is an artist and has her own personal palette that is much more subdued than mine. She prefers greens and browns in a million shades to brighter, tropical colors but I have pushed her to expand her shades and we both love the result. She had to push me, too, to accept what clay and glazes will and won't do as well as to expand our beads to include these patterned glazes that you see. I came to love the patterns and have to say, Elaine is ALWAYS right when she tells me a glaze just won't work the way I want it to.

Our collaboration with Elaine is such a great thing. She is an artist who wants to spend her time playing with clay and glazes and shapes and not trying to update a website or ship boxes. We happen to be pretty good at the box shipping!

(Oh, these colorful and yummy beads are at the stores this next week...)