Monday, July 13, 2009

Class fun on Friday night

I taught a class last Friday night and it was lots of fun. We all made wrapped wire bracelets using trade beads, stones or Elaine Ray ceramic beads. I also made a necklace using the same technique with a strand of antique melon beads and seven feet of 22 gauge sterling wire. I blackened the silver on the necklace and I have been wearing it since that night. The hook clasp is the only tricky part, I made everyone do it a few times and then start on their 'real' bracelet. I also waited to get the wine out until everyone had mastered the clasp!

I always wonder why one class fills right up and another class doesn't; you know, what makes folks want to take a specific class? On Friday we had one beader who hadn't taken a class or beaded in years, she was getting her toes wet again and did a great job. Ellen was there because she just really likes to take classes. We had a couple of crafty gals who take classes because they enjoy the time to make things and enjoy the fun of the beading table. Elaine came because I pestered her to ignore the construction at her house. Then there were two women in the class that told me that their sister/aunt Susan had pestered them to sign up for the class. She's out of state and can't come to our classes as much as she'd like so she sends her family. Great idea, Susan! They had fun.

These ladies are all admiring their bracelets.

I have a few more classes coming up this summer, Susan, can you get the word out?