Monday, August 17, 2009

Tiny Glass Bottles that never, ever get lost

We sell these tiny glass bottles and they are pretty popular. We have actually run out of them a few times. The supplier is one of my favorites as I am pretty sure they are in a dusty, disorganized warehouse with bad lighting and lots and lots of unlabeled boxes. I think this because they often tell us they are sold out of an item and then, months or a year later they'll call us and say 'oh, hey, we just found one box (or fifty!) under the sink in the break room and we can send them to you now.'

If I was a better businesswoman I would stop dealing with these folks. I would just find some suppliers who are organized and well-lit who have some kind of spreadsheet that tells them what is and is not in stock at a given moment. But I have a soft spot for the disorganized and dusty.

So, bottles are back. Again. Sorry for the confusion if I told you they were gone forever. I forgot to look under the desk in the break room.

This sweet necklace is a creation of the lovely Kay. She checks in our boxes, ships the etsy orders and would never, never loose track of a box. Never.