Wednesday, September 09, 2009

ancient history, staff photos

In all the years we have been in business (did I mention Ornamentea is 10 this year?) we've had some really talented folks working here. I feel incredibly lucky to have had them join me on this road and I am amazed at what some of them have done after they grew out of the Ornamentea nest.

Kiona, second from the right, is a founding member of the Handmaidens and the designer of Lucky Accessories. Her work is worn around the world and she's also a wonderful mom. I'd like to say that I knew how fabulous she'd be when I offered her a job but honestly, I just liked her.

Leeannn, under the hat second from the left is one of the owners of Epona and Oak and also a founding Handmaiden. She's amazingly talented and I would like to point out at this time that when she left my employ it was because all the ordering and pricing of merchandise was making her crazy. Um, how's that new store going Leeann? (note to readers, it is going great!)

Natalie, in the center in the green is now a mom. Kathryn in the far right is married and working at a great job. Sierra just had a sweet baby boy and is living way out west.

Oh, that is a much younger me sleeping in the middle. I may have been drunk on margaritas. We often drank margaritas at the shop in those days, or at least, we talked about it a lot!

This is a photo we took as a staff photo for the store, way back in the olden days. There were a few folks missing but I seem to remember we photoshopped them in. I hope they wore flowered shirts!