Saturday, September 05, 2009

Stone restock at both stores...

We've rearranged and added a lot of stones to the stores...I think maybe a bit too much as the wall is jam-packed at Ornamentea and Panopolie has had to rearrange AGAIN to accommodate the new goodies. Oh well, it sure looks beautiful!

Lauren is back at work after a semester in Prague and she is busy putting out all the new beads.

Hannah is trying to figure out how we'll fit 50 more styles of stone beads on the very packed wall. She's a designer, her work has been featured in the NCSU Art To Wear show, so I know she'll come up with some way to fit those stones in.


This is Megan, she is excited about getting a beadfreak tee shirt for just $1. We were also excited to meet Megan's mom. She was down from New York to visit her daughter in Durham and the only thing she asked to do this weekend was come to our bead stores. Luckily for her, Megan is a very good daughter!