Sunday, October 25, 2009

Metalfreaks at Raleigh Wide Open

This year the Raleigh Wide Open celebration included a new art show and we got to play a small part in it. The Metal's Club hosted a tent where they helped people of all ages make a stamped metal pendant necklace. There was a bit of rain but it didn't slow the metalfreaks down one bit. They even survived some winds that threatened to blow the tents over!
Sharon and Stacy debate the finer points of a leather mallet.
Sarah and Tiffany are, um, acting weird?

For the record, we did not allow the stuffed lion on the left to make ANYTHING. We think he had been drinking. The little girl, however, made a pendant.Ndidi teaching how to do the top secret endless knot on the leather cording we used. Come in and ask for a demo. We are not allowed to post this type of information here on the blog. It's Top Secret. And Endless.
Everyone enjoyed themselves and the day ended in a bit of a wet mess, but it was fun. If you see a Metal's Club member, ask them about their special Metalfreak teeshirts!
Big thanks (from me!) to Ndidi for organizing this whole venture. When the folks from Raleigh Wide Open contacted us about having an interactive tent at the show I was reluctant at first but Ndidi made it happen. She coordinated the Metal's Club members and staff and even got them swanky new tee shirts. Thanks also to Tracy, Nathalie, Tiffany, Stacy, Debbie, Joanna, Sharon, Sarah, Boo (work+photography), Jeanette, Amy, and Becky for making this possible. I hope you made a few more Metalfreaks on Saturday!