Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why I should not have access to the internet late at night...

So we just returned from a week-long vacation. I did a few posts but mainly I ignored the entire world and just took long bike rides with my family, ate seafood and great fall salads and stared at the waves looking for dolphins. It was wonderful. We got back this weekend and now, tonight, I am officially Back At Work. I dug through new emails, cleaned out my real, paper-filled mailbox and even returned a phone call. I ignored Twitter and (mostly) avoided Facebook. I was good. I stayed on task. I focused.

Then somehow I found myself looking at an entry in Betz White's blog (that's research, right?) and saw this lovely fabric on her etsy shop. My brain is still way in vacation mode, so it immediately started thinking about a new curtain for the girl's bedroom closet (no door, long story) and about curtains for the shelves in the studio that cover all the ugly-but-useful storage containers. I couldn't help myself. I ordered some.

Really, could you help yourself? I didn't think so.

Now, get back to work. Focus.