Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gift ideas...

Yeah, you could have made all your gifts this year but you didn't get started early enough, or you got distracted or you got snowed in. It happens to all of us. Why not give the gift of crafting? A kit made up for a friend could inspire them to try something new, plus if you are like me you have a lot of crafty parts in your studio that could be gifts. Shh, I won't tell!

Here are several great kit gift ideas that you may be able to pull from your crafty stash and a few that could be picked up, lickety-split, at our stores. Oh, we gift wrap!

  • Create-A-Pendant-Kit-put a small amount of Amazing Glaze into a tiny bag or glass bottle and package with a few do-dads (buttons, crystals, beads.) Make up a chain with a clasp and bezel setting. All the recipient needs to do is print out a favorite picture and make their own pendant. You can add our how-to sheet (it is right here) to make it even easier. Best for teens or adults.
  • Stretchy Bracelet Trio-put a mix of beads into a round tin or other container and add 1 yard of stretchy cord like Opelon or some waxed linen. The recipient can make up at least 3 bracelets with the cord and depending on the beads you put in the kit this is great for many ages.
  • Decopage Monogram-put together the recipients initials and some Decopatch paper for a make-it-yourself decorative accessory. You could also choose a favorite animal or inspirational word. This is great for age 5 plus.
  • Favorite Color Crafty Kit-if you have a crafty friend who loves a certain color why not put together a mix of items from your stash in that palette? Fill an Art Bin or other storage container with beads and ribbons in hues of blue or shades of brown that you know the recipient will love. Be generous. That fab blue pendant you have been hoarding for years will make a friend's day.
  • Make-A-Book kit-stack a blank 7Gypsies book and some squares of paper you've already cut to fit the pages. Top it with a glue stick or a roll of washi tape and let your friend make their own book.
Now I am off to raid my own stash...