Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lost and Found

Folks lose stuff in our stores all the time. Car keys, toys, water bottles, jackets and even prescription glasses. We have Lost & Found boxes and we put the items in the box, labeled with the date we found them on the work table, or in the bathroom, or in the parking lot. The items remain in the box for about a year and then we take them to the local thrift store or throw them out, depending on their re-use value. I think this is okay. I haven't ever researched the legality of donating junk people left at my place of business. I don't claim the donated Happy Meal toys on my taxes as a Charitable Contribution.

I find the car keys to be really odd. I always think, gee, you had your keys when you DROVE to the bead store, wouldn't you remember to look around the bead store at least once? We have a set of keys from a Nissan at Ornamentea we've had for two months. We found them in the bathroom. Personally, if I spend enough time someplace to use the bathroom I might remember that event when my car keys came up missing. At least, I hope I would.

So, what do you lose? An American Eagle jeans jacket, size small? We have it. Black-framed sunglasses, cute but they look like you got them on the rack at Wings? Right here. Library books from the local library? Well, actually we take those back to the library since the books weren't yours to begin with but I think you get my point. The next time you are in your local bead store or coffee shop or nail salon ask them if they have that jeans skirt from Forever 21 you can't find. You never know.

(and what do I lose? mostly I lose things in my house; my phone, the book I am reading, my slippers, my drink. Stop laughing. You do it too.)

Um, those keys at the top are not in any of our Lost & Found bins and I am pretty sure they won't unlock a vehicle of any kind. The do make nice adornments, though.