Tuesday, March 02, 2010

These lovely earrings are the current Superstars at Ornamentea. At least once a day we have a very lovely, very hip young woman come in and ask us to show her how to make 'those big flower earrings.' We have a pair at the store that feature a crystal in the center, plus these, plus a pair with bead caps and metal beads. They are all popular.

I think this flower is so popular because it is both bohemian and graphic. The earrings can be hipsterish or hippie, depending on the beads and the hairdo.

It is so funny how trends ebb and flow. I remember a few years ago when large flat pieces of capiz shell were all the rage. We could not keep them in stock and it seemed like we only filled up the dish to have it empty again. Last year we started a run on metal octopi for necklaces and now this flower is suddenly on everyone's earlobes. Since winter seems bent on staying around for a bit longer I guess that these flowers might be the closest thing we have to spring here...

If you are in Raleigh come and make a pair of these earrings on Thursday night for just $4 a pair. That's a great deal for a bit of spring...details here.

If you are not in Raleigh, the flowers and other good things can be found here.