Friday, April 23, 2010

Join us as we say goodbye to Panopolie

On April 30th we'll close the doors on Panopolie, our second store in Raleigh. We'll move our stock, staff and inspiration downtown to Ornamentea in May. We opened Panopolie almost five years ago with joy, friends and fancy skirts. Having two stores and dividing our time and attention between them has been challenging, exciting, gratifying and, at times, overwhelming. The economy and our own limitations brought us to the decision to close Panopolie and to concentrate our talents and energies on our original location and our fast-growing online business. In the abstract it is a smart business decision. In the reality that is ruled by the human heart, it is a bittersweet decision. There is a bit of sadness at what we are loosing but it is tempered by the excitement at the change. Here in Craftyland we deal with any excitement by having a party. We are going out with heads high and smiles on our faces. New beads and findings are being put on the walls even as I type this, a new magazine was just put out and the Breakfast & Beads folks are chatting and sipping and laughing like always.

We want to invite you to a pre-packing & moving party on April 30th at Panopolie. We will have tasty sweets & coffee from our neighbor, Espiga Bakery, followed by a wonderful spread of deliciousness from various local eateries and staff for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. We'll have a lovely make-n-take project for you, selected sales and lots of fun and laughter. Denita Purser and Laurel Rupe, some of our favorite local mixed-media artists, will be teaching and various staff members will lend a hand from time to time. You can come make this dainty resin and charm necklace project between noon and 5:00pm. The instruction will be FREE with the purchase of a $5 kit. No need to register for a specific time, just drop by and make a Memento Panopolie Necklace.

While most of the stock is heading downtown, selected merchandise will be on sale up to 50% off on the last day. You can look for deals on glass beads, books, Swarovski beads and more.

We hope everyone that has found a bit of inspiration at Panopolie over the last 5 years will come by and visit with us on April 30th!