Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Charity Round Up Jar

Every month we collect change for a different local (Raleigh, NC) charity in our store. We offer our customers the chance to 'round up' their beadfreak cards for all in-store purchases by putting the difference between their actual sale and the next punch amount into the jar. This money is matched 100% by my husband and myself (the store owners) and we donate the total to the local charity. We often support charities focused on work with children, animals or hungry people and we take charity suggestions from our customers. Our dollar amounts are often small-less than $500 a month-so we want to choose a charity that will really notice that donation amount.

Are you a beadfreak card member? if you are, please think about tossing some change in the Roundup Jar this month.

Read more about the Roundup Jar and this month's charity here.