Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Earring of the Week!

This pair of earrings matches a necklace that will be featured in an upcoming issue of Beadwork. The necklace has 153 bead caps* in it. The earrings only have 4.

The one little tip I would give you for making earrings like these is to put a 6/0 bead inside the beadcap to help the wire stay in the center. You don't have to do that, but it makes the looping go so much faster. For a pair of earrings, maybe not so important. Just wait until you see that necklace!

Oh, I promise that next week's Earring of the Week will NOT feature Elaine's little ceramic petal caps. Sorry, I just realized we've used them in projects for the last three weeks...

*as far as I remember, I don't actually have it the necklace here to count the bead caps...and really, does it matter if it's 154? 157? Trust me, it's a LOT of bead caps.