Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sherri Leeder, Customer Showcase Winner Interview

I really like our new Customer Showcase here at Ornamentea. We all get to look at some of the amazing work that our customers create and we even get to know a few of them a bit better. Starting this month I am going to try to interview our Showcase winners so you can get to know them better, too!

Sherri Leeder submitted a photo of an elaborately beaded necklace constructed on a metal frame. She uses both beading screens and filigree shapes as the bases for her designs and her love of color is evident. Her work is detailed, and romantic. She layers glass beads and metal bead caps, buttons, spacers and drops to create elaborate glass gardens. Sherri lives and works here in North Carolina so we have the delight of seeing her in the store from time-to-time.

How long have you been crafting?
I guess I discovered beads about five years ago. I had tried many different crafts over the years, but never seemed to stick with anything until I found my first beading screens at Ornamentea. Now I'm completely hooked!
Where do you find inspiration?
My original inspiration was vintage costume jewelry, like Miriam Haskell’s bead-encrusted pins and necklaces. Now I usually get ideas from nature. Leaves and flowers, kelp and coral. I also love 1930’s movies and beading around portraits of my favorite stars.
Do you sell or exhibit your work?
I have a sadly neglected Etsy shop I need to get going again! I would also love to sell locally.
We have to know - a messy studio, or is it neat as a pin?
Messy! Messy! Messy!
What project do you have that you can't seem to finish?
I have about fifteen nearly finished projects! As soon as I get the basic design in place, I get a new idea I want to get started on before I forget it.
What food or beverage fuels your creativity?
I usually make myself a nice hot cup of tea which I set on my table. Then I get distracted by shiny beads and totally forget about it till it goes cold.

Sherri has a website you can visit for updates about her shows and images of her work. It's right here.