Thursday, July 01, 2010

The best way to organize your tools...

Okay, that post title is kind of a tease. There is no one, best way to organize tools. However, I do like this nice portable tool organizer we have just gotten in for our class room tool kits. The organizers are smooth black leather with elastic straps that hold the kit closed. They feel like a really nice motorcycle jacket on the outside and on the inside have four pockets for your favorite beading and wire-working tools. We spruced them up with riveted brass number tags made right in the classroom. Ours are numbered 1-12, but the brass discs could fit a name or jewelry line name on them if needed.

Oh, we do sell the tool holders but you'll have to do your own tags! Click here to see the tool holders. Click here for the letter and number stamps. Click here for the metal discs we used, and here for the eyelets.

And yes, I said motorcycle jacket. I know I am the queen of Walking to Work but who doesn't like a black motorcycle jacket, maybe over a flowery dress with some chunky black shoes, silver hoop earrings and wrist of hand-hammered bangles? Very Austin, TX, circa 1990. Oops, I am showing my age!