Thursday, August 26, 2010

Earring of the Week-Elaine Ray lovelies

These sweet earrings designed by Ndidi Kowalczyk feature Elaine Ray's Heart Connectors and some lovely bits of copper bar chain. They are just the thing to wear to that late-summer barbeque. You'll be sitting on the  patio, sipping sangria and listening to the insects chirp. Soft salsa music wafts over the fence from the neighbors, a friend laughs, you look off into the distance. There is just a bit of chill in the air as the sun sets and you're glad you brought a thin sweater to toss over your bare shoulders. The insects are going crazy; this is their last chance, the finale of their year but you know you'll move the party indoors when winter arrives. Again, your friend laughs and you turn to see the joke, smiling and happy.

To make the earrings you'll need:
heart connectors from Elaine Ray in antique pearl (other colors available)
filed tube chain in antique copper (cut the links apart to make the bar dangles)
fire-polished beads (raid your stash!)
antique brass spacer beads (these are lovely!)
french hooks in antique copper
jump rings, 5 mm antique copper and 7 mm antique copper

(and yes, this is late. Earring of the Week is supposed to happen on Wednesday but sometimes I get lost and confused and miss a day here-or-there. Like that never happens to you!)