Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Fashion...on an 85 degree day!

photo from Style.com
Tweedy, horsey, New England-ish....Fall fashion, almost every year, is completely unwearable in North Carolina until, oh, November? It's hot here. We can wear our summer clothes (maybe in darker colors? or with boots?) for months after the Northern Gals have donned their velvets.

But still...I grew up in the Midwest. Late AUGUST nights can be chilly. September often requires tights and sweaters. Ahh...it seems like a mythical land right now with the cicadas humming outside my window and a watermelon growing in the garden that I will harvest in September. Summer is not going anywhere. I don't really want it to go anywhere, honestly. I am generally quite happy to enjoy the heat and sun EXCEPT that I really want to wear that curvy purple velvet jacket. It's romantic+shaped+purple! Mmmm...I can skip the camel trousers, hip-length slim jackets and high-laced leather boots. They're lovely, but would be a bit comical on me.

Yes, I know there are also loads of soft, sheer floral dresses this fall. And 50s big skirts and fitted sweaters.  I can and will wear those (shh, I already have a bunch of them in my closet!) At least, I will wear them after it cools down...after that watermelon has been picked & the leaves start to turn. In November.

What about you...can you wear fall clothes in the actual fall?