Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Beadweaving Club Project for September

Our Beadweaving Club meets Thursday from 6-8 pm and this is the September project. I was unable to make last month's meeting and am going to try really hard to be there this month. Either that or I may just have to 'borrow' Kathy's sample! this cuff is lovely...

Why wasn't I able to be there? Well, I was sitting in a community planning meeting, of course! Our fair city, Raleigh, is considering a high-speed train to connect us to Richmond, VA. The current plans call for the train to run on the track right next to our building. Actually, they call for a new track that will be just about where our cash register is right now. Yes, I am excited to be able to get to Richmond in just two hours and I am really excited to get all those cars off the road but I am not so excited to move.

The bead store is in a sweet green building in downtown Raleigh just a few blocks from my house. I can walk to work and then to coffee, lunch and drinks after the day is through. When we first moved the store here it wasn't so swanky; since then Glenwood South has grown up to include a maze of ritzy eateries and clubs. I love being near the glitz as I don't actually participate in much of that anymore. My husband and I are very much homebodies and the last time we were in a loud dance club we realized that we already had what most of those folks were looking for so we went home and turned the music up loudly. Then we had the girls and that also adjusts your Evening Entertainment schedule  We do like to eat out at nice places but since we have small children we show up the minute they open the doors so the wait staff is fresh and my sweet girls can wear them down a bit. Just kidding. We show up early so that the other diners aren't distracted from their romance and flirting by my four-year-old staring and saying (way too loudly!) 'look at that lady, her dress is very short!' or some other honest observation.

Well, we will find a new location when the whole train thing is figured out. The earliest the construction is slated to begin is 2016. By then maybe my children will be ready to dine at a later hour and they can help us pack, too.