Thursday, October 07, 2010

Lorraine from Florida visits the store

Here I am with Lorraine, a customer from Florida that I met when she was leaving the store. She asked her husband to take a picture of her in front of our sign and that got me interested. She told me how they were retired and were traveling around. She said her crafty daughter would be jealous of the visit to Ornamentea. We talked about our midwestern roots (she's from Michigan, originally, and I am from Ohio so we have basically the same accent.) Of course, I wanted to have my picture taken with her. I thought she was just arriving at the store, so I went in the back and fiddled around looking for a specific camera or my camera phone while patient Lorraine waited for me. See, she had already finished her shopping before I arrived that day. Finally, she asked for me and I came out. Sorry, Lorraine, I really thought you had just arrived. I wouldn't have spent so much time looking for my favorite camera!