Friday, October 22, 2010

the perfect wedding bouquet...

My husband and I have been married for 19 years. Our wedding, way back in the dark ages, was just perfect for us - lots of friends and family in a casual outdoor setting with good food, laughter and a very fancy dress for me. I had two Diva Bride moments. I wanted dark-purple cloth napkins (totally un-rentable items in Ohio in 1991. Thank you Mom and Aunt Beth for sewing 110 napkins!) I also wanted an all-white bouquet of giant lilies. No greenery. No ferns. No spikey leaves. That was also almost un-heard of in 1991 in Ohio. The florist went against my wishes and slipped in some ferns but because of the high heat that sunny August day I ended up being happy she had. The lilies shed their petals as I walked down the aisle, unintentionally dramatic, until I stood under the trees next to my husband with a green bouquet of ferns and lily stems. Of course, that could have 'ruined' my wedding if any of the magazines are to be believed, but it really didn't matter.

I love it when I hear of couples who create their own fabulous wedding days that reflect them. Afternoon, pig-picking, blue grass wedding with a preacher in overalls? Great! Midnight, all-black Goth wedding with kabuki bridal makeup and Wiccan priestess? Awesome. Saturday morning Baptist church, white dress and veil, Reverend Miller officiating? Tremendous.

Hopefully, you'll only do it once so I think you should make it as memorable as possible.

This bouquet that our customer Sarah told us about was part of what I imagine was a sweet and memorable day. And I bet the flowers didn't fall apart!

Sarah hand-folded flowers and added watch parts, typewriter keys and vintage rhinestone centers. The bride, Sarah, is a librarian and the couple has 'more books than two people should own!' They chose meaningful pages from favorite books and sheet music from their days as musicians to create origami-folded flowers for the bouquet. The vintage rhinestones add a bit of sparkle to the bouquet. I love the way Sarah watercolored select pages to match her lavendar shoes and magenta petticoats. Sadly, she didn't include any shoe-and-petticoat pics for us to drool over!

Congratulations Kevin and Sarah!
oh, Sarah's etsy page is
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