Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Try It Tuesday with acorns and felted ball earrings

Are you busy today? No? Yes?
Doesn't really matter.

You know that no matter how busy you are, you really need to take a few minutes today to just make something. Remember how nice it feels to sit down at a work table? To pick up pretty materials and turn them into something lovely and useful? Makes all those pages of spread sheets you are editing, that carpool schedule you are working on, that weekly menu planning worthwhile.

It is what we do. We make things.

So, I'll see you sometime today. We have seats for you at our work table. We are making this wire-and-bead acorn charm. Next week, you can work with hand-felted woolen balls to make a pair of colorful and very lightweight earrings for just $2. Note: I mistakenly said we were making the earrings today at the store, they are next week.

If distance prevents your joining us for the felt ball earrings, please follow the links below:
felt balls in a rainbow of color
bead caps in several styles (look for the Small Leafy Bead Cap!)
simple ear loops in colors to match your bead caps
head pins to put it all together